Overseas Culture

Are you planning to settle abroad?

Are you confused about why people outside your country behave in a different way?

Do you deal with foreign clients?  Unable to understand when they use certain verbal and non-verbal gestures?

Here’s an answer to all such questions:

Life becomes much easier when you know each other’s culture and respect it. It’s just like two souls in an ever-lasting bond of matrimonial harmony sharing the same cultural understanding. The Overseas Culture module with me includes all the general awareness about the people living particularly in the North American, European and Middle East Asian continents. This module is thus segregated into three parts: the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Each segment of learning will take you through the following points:


This course is designed for:

  • aspiring students planning to go abroad for further studies
  • travelers who like to explore the world
  • managers on business/official tours
  • people who are planning to settle abroad (particularly women post their marriage)
  • future culture trainers
  • anyone interested

Your choice of topic depends on which continent are you placing or preparing yourself for. Xperts tries its best to minimize the level of cultural confusion in you with the help of video and audio files, and general questionnaire.

Still in cultural shock? Well, I’m just a message away for you to get exposed to the outside world!

Perhaps, the words ‘Cultural Shock’ will turn to ‘I respect your culture…’ post graduating this course.

Happy Learning!