About Me!




I adhere to four different but, interrelated segments of training as follows:

  1. MEDITATION: We begin with ‘Meditation’: the cleansing of mind, body and soul so, every single thing you learn in your choice of subject, is stored within you for a longer time. I strongly believe ‘Meditation’ should be made a compulsory option in all the schools and colleges. They rightly say, “one mind meditating makes the whole environment positive.”
  2. INTROSPECTION: It is very important for one to do self-analysis before she/he starts anything new. One must know her/his strengths and weaknesses to avoid unnecessary and extended time consumption and thus promote personal growth thereon.
  3. PRESENTATION: I restrain self from talking a lot in my sessions. I’d rather ask the learner go through the slides or prepare her/his own presentation to boost her/his self-confidence and morale. This segment of training not only boosts one’s inner confidence but, sharpens language fluency at the same time.
  4. EVALUATION & FEEDBACK: I don’t believe in giving any verbal feedback. The evaluation process needs to be done by the learner only, which is called the ‘self-evaluation’. In this segment of training, one needs to identify his own weaknesses and the ways to overcome those weaknesses will be provided by me. The word ‘feedback’ is generally used to tell one where does she/he stand. However, I use feedback to chalk down certain methods of improvisation followed by retrospection. There’s nothing called ‘Negative Feedback’ in my dictionary of training; it is always ‘Constructive Feedback.’ To me, feedback is to improve the people and NOT demoralize them.

I don’t want my trainees or students to face any odd or juggle with studies the way I did during my school days. I want people to understand how beautiful learning experience can be if you have good and understanding teachers. I want my trainees to enjoy education and proudly be a part of this simple learning platform.

With this, I can end up by saying one last thing, “Your experience is my feedback.”

Happy Learning!