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Just One Key to Survival


Self-Motivation may be the toughest path at times but is definitely the finest way to survive through tough situations.

I know people are talking about self-awareness, self motivation a lot these days but no one actually tells you the way into it. Well, honestly, self-motivation can be pursued through hobbies, social actions, education, meditation, self-awareness and taming passion in that one thing that is too close to your heart.

Get your attitude right, keep filtering the negative thoughts, meditate, if possible, and stay accustomed to the outside world (I mean your friends and other society members).Ā šŸ™„

I’m not going to bore you by writing much on this topic as it should be experienced personally. Hmmm… let’s say, you have lately been through a broken relationship and he/she meant the world to you and now your ‘that’ world is shattered. So, what are you going to do? Kill yourself? šŸ¤”


Catch hold of a hobby or any thing that you used to do earlier and start over. Yes, I know, initially it’s going to be like someone’s pressing your neck to start afresh but slowly you’ll see a positive change within you.

Remember, self-motivation is also very important to find out the answers to the questions that weren’t answered earlier. Having said that, you’ll be transformed into a much peaceful and patient personality.

Try it out to know what I’ve written!

Have a self-motivated life!

Ash šŸ˜Š



Hi, A little more about me... A very simple yet stylish; traditional yet contemporary; fighter yet tender; witty yet innocent and silent yet rebellious woman I am! Besides training people, I love arts, education, home-decoration, meditation, music, martial arts and trekking! To me, life is at its best when lived with honesty, truthfulness, bravery, love, contentment and peace. I am not religious but spiritual. I try to back off from the people who speak ill, brash and offensive about anyone, especially about women.

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