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Syllable & Syllable Count

Syllable & Syllable Count

Hey Learners,

At some point or the other, we all agree that we talk too much! The point is how effectively we pronounce every word so it has a larger impact on the minds of the listeners. There are times when we hear a very impressive speech by an equally impressive personality; however, our ears go squeaky when we hear something mispronounced quite often. Alas, the whole speech goes haywire leading to a strong disconnect as we simply try figuring out what did he/she just say! You know one thing, it’s not only about grammar or vocabulary these days, it’s about how correct is your pronunciation. I’ve been interacting with a lot of people who do not pay attention to grammar much but your style of speaking does drive them to you. That ‘style’ is called ‘Pronunciation’ – SIMPLE!

Everybody’s striving hard to improve speech dialect and language. A few want effective speech to build a strong career in training, politics, voice-over, acting, etc. and the others for their personal growth and development. There are many ways to improve your speech pattern and many methods to learn the basics. Of all that you must have learnt already about speech and dialect, there’s one outspoken element called ‘Syllable’ that we keep hearing about repeatedly. I’ve come out with something interesting and simpler that will facilitate your understanding of how to break a word into its parts (called ‘syllables’) so you know which part should be stressed later to match the ears of the native speakers.

The picture as above depicts fewer rules to adapt to while dividing a word into its syllables so we get the right pronunciation. Although, I’ve chalked down these rules considering the American accent but, the same rules can be implemented for British and Australian accents too.

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Have a splendid learning time!



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