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Telephone Etiquette

Helloooo Learners,

I know it’s been a while we have interacted like this. I was actually working on the picture as above that explains the most common tips to be used while on a call.

Alright, it goes like this:

  1. Your greetings & introduction on a call should be prompt
  2. Call transfer (if necessary) should be as per the situation
  3. Your messages should be received or left occasionally
  4. The body of the call has to be professional in case you are working for a customer-service industry
  5. The call closure should not be abrupt but, smooth & professional
  6. Avoid other activities while on a call as the others can sense it out and may feel less connected
  7. Manage your VOLUME
  8. Avoid abbreviations on calls as not everyone is familiar with those
  9. Do a warm transfer by letting the person know where and to who are you transferring the call to

And now comes the reason why I posted this article

Most of the times, most of the people across the globe think that Telephone Etiquette is a part of call center training. However, it is NOT true! We speak almost 98% of the time in a day of which more than 50% to 60% is spent on the calls in this technological era. Most of the people in my country don’t need a cellphone as they can speak directly to the person living elsewhere due to their higher volumes 🙂 Yes, it may appear funny to read but, it is the most annoying thing to listen to a loud person on the call and understand his entire life story. A couple of times, I feel like getting up and telling such souls — “I’m NOT interested in your personal dilemma…”, “That’s your problem NOT mine, buddy…”, “I hate your love story that you just yelled so loud and clear. The whole world knows what your girlfriend did to you!”, “Why don’t you just book a flight, reach there and talk to the person directly.” and it goes on…

I strongly believe that those showing off their latest technology in their hands in the name of cellphones must also know how to receive and/or leave a message in case there’s an emergency or he/she may have reached an automated-answering machine. Teach your kids too how to take a message in case you are not at home because I’m sure the other party is NOT interested at all to listen to gibberish. Once or twice is OK!

There are beautiful statements you can begin and end your call with that can be practiced in a session with me. The body of the call depends on whether you are calling your friends, relatives or that’s your JOB!

Feel free to connect with me at or in case you want to learn more…

Happy Calling!

Ash 🙂


Masters of Arts (English Literature) & Masters of Commerce (Human Resources)



Hi, A little more about me... A very simple yet stylish; traditional yet contemporary; fighter yet tender; witty yet innocent and silent yet rebellious woman I am! Besides training people, I love arts, education, home-decoration, meditation, music, martial arts and trekking! To me, life is at its best when lived with honesty, truthfulness, bravery, love, contentment and peace. I am not religious but spiritual. I try to back off from the people who speak ill, brash and offensive about anyone, especially about women.


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