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Fundamentals of Personality

Hey Readers,

I can talk for hours on this topic as it’s one of my favorites! However, let me try to make it short and interesting for you…

Personality‘ is a very subjective term. Each human carries a different personality that keeps changing in adherence to time. For many, personality is the external characteristics of a human in general but, to me, it also includes the inner characteristics that develop with time, experience and age. This includes your attitude, self-control, power of mind, character, ‘Karma’, education, life experience, and any such feature that sums up ‘you’ as an individual.

The following picture is mere one segment of Personality Development course displaying various fundamentals of an individual personality in general:

  1. Appearance: Your appearance shows the way you carry yourself. It displays your style with which you impress others. Although, I’ve generalized this fundamental feature but, it is one of the most important features of human personality as it’s an evidence of your inner soul, strong character and mental adaptability. It’s your appearance that carries an ‘aura’ with which either you can destroy others or attract them towards you.
  2. Facial Expressions: Your face projects a lot of emotions. Every individual projects emotions in her/his unique style. One simple pleasant look with an expressive and natural smile can change a number of things that may seem beyond your control. Actors, so to speak, have to carry a different set of emotions every time they switch their roles and scenes. Modeling calls for flat expression. People may call the models as the least expressive ones but, the fact is ‘No Expression’ on the ramp is desired by their profession and they are taught to express ‘zero’ expression. Carrying a pout with an attitude on your face while you do the ramp walk isn’t that easy… Try it out!
  3. Hand Gestures: Your every finger has a different gesture. Sometimes, putting up the wrong finger can be too offensive. Not only this, there are many expressions you can put forward only with the help of your thumb. To add more to this, if one hand gesture indicates a different meaning in one’s country, it’s quite possible for it to have a different meaning in a different country. (Individual Tutoring can help you learn this subject better. There are pictures of thumb impressions too available on the net to help you understand the meaning). 
  4. Open Eye Contact: Has anyone told you to look straight into the eyes of the people when you talk? OR Were you ever told that you smile with your eyes? Your eyes speak of who you are. They say you can lie ‘n’ number of times but, getting that one glance of look into your eyes will make others see the truth. Open eye contact is essential to connect with your audience or listeners. This ensures that you are confident of the messages you’re transmitting and are truthful too so, people can connect with you openly.
  5. Right Environment: You must be wondering why have I mentioned ‘Environment’ as a part of your personality. Simple fact: Environment builds ‘attitude’ and attitude is a definite part of your personality. Setting the right environment will automatically channelize your thoughts and will drag your personality on to a positive path. For example: If you are a Soft Skills Trainer and the environment you’re training in doesn’t permit you to focus on your training style, you’ll gradually find your personality shaking thereby putting a lot of stress on the way you are performing in that environment.
  6. Body Posture: There are multiple ways to project a single message with the help of your body movements. Actors have a different body language and so do the politicians. The former are more expressive whereas the latter are too demanding and firm. Technically speaking, an erect body posture projects a higher level of confidence whereas a sloppy posture will make others see you for the last time in their life. 😉
  7. Choreograph Your Speech: Is speech a part of your personality? Do you think you talk impressive? Does your voice create that kind of an impact on others? Well, to sum up all the answers to questions like these, ‘Speech’ is the most important fundamental of your personality. Let me tell you in short what all necessary elements your speech comprises of: Effective Command Over Language + Voice Modulation + Thought Alignment + Speech Neutrality + Clear Dialect + Correct Word Stress. I often keep saying, ” If the first important element of your personality is the way you walk, the second important is definitely the way you talk…”

Hope you find this article interesting and if you do, don’t forget to put your comments on my page in the comments section. In case you’re interested to learn more about the points mentioned as above or analyze your own personality, you can opt for this course by writing to me on OR

Have a super-fantastic life loaded with education & knowledge!

Happy Learning!




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