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Eight Fatal Sins of Leadership

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Let’s catch some knowledge of one of the segments of Effective Leadership Skills.

For years, we have been hearing about:

Who is a leader?

Who can be a leader?

What are the effective traits to become a leader?

How can you become a leader?


The following picture describes about what should you NOT do to maintain your position as a leader in any organization:

8-fatal-sins-of-leadershipEFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP SKILLS

POINT 1: Presume that your company’s objectives and vision are known to your employees:

This clarifies to avoid assumption with regard to any amendment in any of the company’s objectives and vision. Although objectives may be for a short period but, vision needs a longer duration to call for the focus of every employee working in your organization. It is quite obvious that you may not find the same vision statement from every employee as everybody’s approach may be quite different. This, in reciprocation, may hinder the company’s growth opportunities. Hence it becomes extremely necessary to promote short training programs or groups meetings to get the company’s objectives and vision clear.

POINT 2: To conclude selection and hiring in a haphazard manner:

Every position calls for a different skill. It thus becomes mandatory to get the Job Competency Analysis done with reference to the promising candidature. This will help you fetch the cream from the market and fix things right at a very early stage of your business commencement.

I’d like to put it wisely, ” Every employee is the root of your company’s financial growth and hence it becomes crucial to select the right candidate and train him to be your employee.”

Another verse: “You are not hiring a candidate but, your own future…”


POINT 3: Assume that you have a trained staff:

Even if you have a trained staff, tell me, for how long are you going to use the same knowledge imparted in them at the time of hiring. Perhaps, a few more times…but, change has always been and will always be inevitable!

Company’s vision and training go hand-in-hand. A slight change in the company’s vision or objectives calls for training implementation. You, as a leader, need to ensure that your staff is trained about all the threats and opportunities stretching out to your business in the market. For this, do a SWOT analysis!

POINT 4: Failed evaluation and measurement:

Mere training, meetings, conferences, and emails are not enough, you’ll need to focus on measuring the results post completion of any program or business amendment. It’s the result-evaluation that shows how effective your business is in the market. As a leader, you need to master the art of measuring success. Learn new tools and techniques to do so, so you can independently frame the success of your business and can expand the scales of your business-profits.

Micro-leadership also calls for evaluation and measurement of every employee contribution to promote rewards and recognition thereby resulting in long-term relationship with the employees.

POINT 5:  Lack of providing appropriate feedback:

It’s not only about giving feedback to your employees, but accepting it from your customers too. Appropriate feedback is extremely necessary to generate employee’s interests and job satisfaction. Likewise, customer feedback is crucial to promote necessary changes directing toward profit generation.

(I’d like to tell the leaders something really important: Many from your field lack the skills essential to give constructive feedback to the subordinates. It is too necessary to build a strong relationship first before sharing constructive feedback as not everyone will take it affirmatively).

POINT 6: Assume that you’re doing a good job and your CUSTOMERS are happy:

There is enough competition in the market already. Simply assuming that your business will always smell the success is not the right thinking as a leader. You never know when will be the next lightning bolt of a competitive strategy hit your business and make it melt down. Monthly, if not weekly, customer reviews are mandatory to take next necessary steps in your business. Growing with change in the market is crucial to your business profits, no doubt, but, growing with the customer reviews is equally crucial to maintain your business profits at higher levels.

POINT 7: Poor Public Relations, Research and Advertising:

A good leader will always treat his business like his own family. Just like how important it is to maintain a good relationship with everyone in your family, it is equally important to maintain an effective relationship with the public in and out of your business jurisdiction. They say, “Every successful business is based on extensive research and marketing.” Research indicates necessary amendment and amendment will lead to new scopes of business. With every new scope of business, advertising becomes an inseparable part. As an effective leader, you must try to promote your business by using new advertising tools and strategies.

I always keep saying that Advertising is the key to marketing, which in return will fetch greater profits, if implemented effectively.


POINT 8: Treating employees as COMMODITIES:

Employees are humans and as their leader you should care for them, take inputs from them where necessary and provide them with relevant and necessary support. Do make or suggest favorable policies to keep them attracted to your business for a long time. Your treatment toward your employees shows an average employee tenure with your organization forwarding to your business growth and development.

To conclude, the eight points mentioned as above will not only help you develop effective leadership skills within you but, will also advance your business to the next level.

Happy Learning!





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