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Five rights parents have on their kids’ school

Dear Parent(s),

Getting the RIGHT school for your kid — the toughest decision for every parent!

Where education has become business these days, it is very important for you to know what you are doing with your kids when it comes to choosing a school for them.

Here are few fundamental rights you have, as a parent, to ensure that no school is messing with your kid’s progress or future, as a whole:


1.Just walk up to the principal’s chamber with a set of relevant questions about the school you have chosen for your kids during the pre-admission stage. Avoid limiting yourself to what the people working for the school say, rather explore the horizon of your knowledge about the school from as many other parents and outside resources in the vicinity as possible. Analyze the difference between the rumors and reality… Every truth has its face, so don’t you worry, you’ll surely make a wise decision!

school-infrastructure2. School’s infrastructure ensures your kid’s physical safety. Higher the fees, greater are the chances for you to see every single brick the school is made of 😉

Remember, your kid spends almost half a day at the school you’ve opted for her/him. You’ve all the rights to know about the school’s premises, playground, materials used for sports activities, safety measures surrounding swimming pool, tennis court, basketball arena and so on… You can also dig deep down into the classrooms your kids will spend most of the time in. Cross ventilation facility, fire safety measures and/or any step taken to prevent any natural calamity are a must tick in your checklist.


3. A teacher is the future maker of your kid. Ensure that you know his/her background through background verification process. You can even demand the relevant service documents for your reference. Remember, to give the right teacher to your kid is totally in your hands. This process can be done not only during the pre-admission stage, but any time you find any teacher’s performance below the expectation level.


4. As mentioned earlier about the education being business these days, don’t be surprised if you see yearly fee increment without any proper intimation. You may also be thrown back with some other charges too in the name of fees. As your source of income is as equally tough as the school’s or perhaps a bit more, it is your right to know why and how the fees got revised. Just ensure that you are going through the right channel to approach the right person in-charge.

Your money should act like an investment for your kids and not COST!


5. School is responsible too to shape up your kid’s behavior to a larger extent. However, do NOT hide any behavioral symptoms of your kid from the school right from the very beginning. Considering today’s lifestyle (including low quality food, abrupt sleep pattern, excessive stress, family problems, uncontrolled technology, poor health and ineffective time management), every kid will show some or the other behavioral symptoms that you can easily discuss with the school to avoid any instantaneous situation in the future. With this, schools can then lay down certain ways to combat some unforeseen challenges abruptly faced by the respective teachers.

This also gives you another right of restraining teachers or principal from severely punishing your kids.

Lastly, if you are dissatisfied with any of the school’s overall reviews, it’s better to opt for homeschooling than putting your kids to such schools that are no more any place for education but mere business centers.

Hope this post will help you take a correct decision pertaining to your kid’s future in education.

Wishing your kids wholesome education!

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